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Prepare Your Rental Apartment for the Winter: Tips and Advice

Although this year the warm temperatures have lasted longer than expected, it is starting to get colder. That means that it is time to make sure your rental apartment is ready for the winter!

As the owner of a rental apartment, you wouldn’t want your tenants to have a bad experience just because you haven’t prepared the equipment maintenance in advance. 

Stay until the end of this blog to discover everything you need to check to get your apartment ready for winter!

Check the Apartment’s Insulation

One of the aspects that you should pay special attention to is the windows and doors. It is crucial to conduct an annual review to ensure that there are no gaps where air can pass through. Having poor insulation can result in losing between 25% and 30% of indoor heat.

Some actions that you can take include:

  • Sealing gaps and holes with putty
  • Installing seals on doors and windows
  • Checking that the blinds/ shutters are working
  • Adding double glazing (in addition to cold, it also insulates against noise!)
  • Reinforcing window edges with insulating seals

Additionally, all of these measures will help prevent potential issues with dampness at home. 


Check the Heating Systems

Take a look at the radiators, boiler, or other heating systems before the cold sets in and ensure that they are working. Generally, a boiler’s pressure should range between 1.2Ba and 1.5Ba. Also remember to clean the radiators so that the water can circulate correctly. 

Moreover, be mindful of the energy consumption resulting from improper use of the heating systems. Experts suggest that the ideal temperature is around 21°C. We recommend that you install smart technology in your apartment, such as a smart thermostat, as they can help save energy and promote energy efficiency among your guests. Check out this blog for more key ways to reduce the energy cost in your holiday rental!


*Tip: If you have a ceiling fan, you can change the direction of the blades, so that the heat will continue to move up and down. Isn’t that the best? This way you will maintain the temperature without any additional cost!

Incorporate Items that Create Heat

When travelling, there is nothing better than arriving at a home that looks cosy from a first glance. However, during winter, there is nothing more appealing than being comfortable in a place that shields you from the cold.

In the main rooms, like the bedroom and living room, you can include elements such as rugs, blankets or throws, cushions, and thicker quilts. It is also important to have thick curtains that will help retain the heat inside the house. Textiles will be your best ally this winter!


Check the Lights and Electrical Appliances

This winter season is characterised by fewer hours of daylight, that’s why it will be necessary to check that all of the lights in your apartment are working correctly. Do not forget to maintain the electrical appliances in your apartment, such as the refrigerator, oven and even the television, the latter being a great support during your tenants’ winter evenings.

Plan these checks well in advance, if you overlook these small details, you may receive complaints from your tenants. Similarly, provide clear instructions on how to use the appliances, this will make it easier for the tenants to use and avoid any issues. 


Find the Right Tenants for Winter

Travellers during the winter look for specific characteristics. It is very important to tailor your listing information to this time of year, as well as to the profile and needs of the tenants that will be moving in during these months. Whether you have a tourist or seasonal apartment, here are some of the best ways that you can get your apartment in Barcelona perfect for winter:

  • More calm and tranquil: You can highlight in your advertisement that your accommodation is ideal for enjoying tranquillity. During these months, the city isn’t as crowded with tourists, creating a more serene atmosphere. Emphasise the possibility to stroll along the beach or take part in activities in the area with fewer people. 
  • Winter Sports: Due to Barcelona’s proximity with some of the most famous ski slopes in Catalonia, you can include this information in your advertisement to attract winter sports enthusiasts.
  • December and Christmas: You may want to adapt your advertisement for holiday tourism. During Christmas, Barcelona becomes magical and vibrant again. Take advantage of this time to offer something special to your tenants and ensure you stand out from other listings.
  • Other special events: The city of Barcelona has become an epicentre of conventions and corporate events. The city hosts many annual events that occur in the colder months. For example, the Mobile World Congress is a perfect occasion to promote your apartment to business travellers


If you want to prepare your apartment for the winter months, rely on a team of professionals to help you cope with improvements and repairs to get your property ready for this season.

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