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    6 Key Ways to Get More Light into a Dark Apartment

    Having a well-lit and bright apartment is essential for tenants to feel comfortable. Furthermore, it helps convey positivity and enhances the overall pleasantness of the space. Although it may not seem apparent, lighting influences people’s health. For this reason, having good lighting in your apartment is truly important. Here are 6 keys to transform your dark apartment into a brighter space.

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    How to Make Your Tourist Apartment Cosier for Christmas

    During the holiday season, thousands of people move to other cities to enjoy the magic of these festivities. If you own an apartment in Barcelona, as Christmas approaches, you might be thinking about making your tourist apartment cosier. In this article, we will give you various ideas to transform your apartment and turn it into a warm place where the stay is even more pleasant. Let’s get started!

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    Tips for Maximising the Space in a Small Apartment

    Are you worried that your rental apartment is too small? Finding ways to make the most out of limited space in a small home can be quite challenging. Whether you have a studio, a one-bedroom apartment, or simply limited square footage, with a few small changes and clever space-saving tips, you can transform your small apartment into a comfortable home that appears larger than it really is. Don’t worry, here are our top tips!

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    How to Protect Your Rental Apartment From Bad Guests?

    A situation that no owner of a rental property wants to face is dealing with bad guests. Although the majority of the time you will welcome pleasant tenants, there can also be times when problematic individuals show up.  If you have experienced something similar, or want to be well-prepared for your next booking, this blog will tell you how to protect your rental from bad guests.

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    Prepare Your Rental Apartment for the Winter: Tips and Advice

    Although this year the warm temperatures have lasted longer than expected, it is starting to get colder. That means that it is time to make sure your rental apartment is ready for the winter! As the owner of a rental apartment, you wouldn’t want your tenants to have a bad experience just because you haven’t prepared the equipment maintenance in advance.  Stay until the end of this blog to discover everything you need to check to get your apartment ready for winter!

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    How to Adapt Your Apartment to Attract Business Travellers?

    Most of the time when we think about tenants for a holiday rental we are usually talking about tourists, however, in Barcelona, Business tourism is a market that has been growing non-stop for years. From the Mobile World Congress, the Alimentaria Fair on the Motor Show, Barcelona has become one of the leading destinations for business travels and the MICE industry. That’s why, if you have a holiday apartment in Barcelona, stay until the end of this blog to learn how to attract guests who come to Barcelona for work. 

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    Rent with or without furniture? Advantages and disadvantages

    When renting an apartment, you may ask yourself if it is better to furnish or not. In fact, this decision directly influences the type of tenants you are going to attract. In the following article, we will tell you about the different advantages and disadvantages of renting a home with or without furniture.   A furnished property A furnished property refers to those apartments that have practically everything necessary and basic for the tenant to settle in immediately, with nothing more than clothes and other personal belongings with them.   The pieces of furniture you should have are: Fridge Washing machine Armchair Dining table and chairs Bed with mattress Wardrobes  …

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    The 6 Best Ideas to have a Dream Bedroom

    The bedroom is a fundamental space for rest, since it is the most intimate and personal room. Whether big or small, you have to make the most of it, the most important thing is that it be practical and functional, without sacrificing style. Here are our best ideas to make your temple a dream bedroom!   1. The bed, first and foremost The most important and visible piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. A good mattress is the first thing to keep in mind to get that rest that we seek so much after a long day. Having a larger bedroom does not mean that the furniture…

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    Tips to Reduce and Prevent Humidity at Home

    Having humidity is one of the most frequent problems in Spanish homes, many times due to the humid climate that exists during the winter and autumn seasons. It can also be due to poor maintenance of thermal equipment or waterproofing problems in the property. In addition, it must be taken into account that humidity can be the beginning of diseases that are harmful to human health, such as skin problems, allergies and breathing difficulties… If you have a flat to rent, you don’t want your guests to suffer the consequences of this problem, so here are our recommendations to reduce and prevent humidity!   First signs of humidity Attention must…