In the vacation or tourist rental, the stay cannot exceed 31 nights and a tourist license must be available. This allows a greater rotation of clients in shorter periods, so you can obtain the maximum profitability and flexibility.

On the contrary, the seasonal rental ranges from 1 to 11 months, allowing more stable reservations and income, without the need to rent your property for years. For this type of rental it is not necessary to have a tourist license.

The tourist license is only necessary if you want to rent an apartment for stays of less than 31 nights. Otherwise, if you want to rent your property for periods between 1 and 11 months, this license is not necessary.

Both options will allow you to have all the benefits of renting your property for days or months; without ties or contracts for years with the tenant, to be able to dispose of your property when you need it.

Currently, if a habitual residence contract is formalized, the tenant can remain in it for up to five years if the landlord is a natural person or seven years if they are a legal person, even if a shorter time has been indicated in the contract. On the contrary, the seasonal rental contract ends at the end of the established term.

On the other hand and among other differences, in regular home rentals, the tenant can withdraw from the contract after 6 months from the signing, while if it is seasonal there is no such period and the tenant does not have the right to rescind the contract.

For this reason, renting your apartment for seasons will allow you much more flexibility and you will have more guarantees. Likewise, you will be able to adjust the rental price according to your needs and according to the demand and the market trend, without having to wait years until the contract ends.

Contact us and our agents will answer all your questions. You will have personalized advice throughout the process. We only need you to provide us with basic information about the apartment in order to present you with a totally free profitability study.

Our Revenue professionals will offer you the best price, taking into account the characteristics of your apartment, the current demand and the market trend. We have state-of-the-art software that allows us to optimize rental prices to the maximum. We review rental prices daily, with the aim that you can obtain the greatest benefit and maximize your income.

Of course. One of the advantages of tourist and monthly rentals is the flexibility that allows you to dispose of your property for private use when necessary. You simply have to notify us and we will block the desired dates in our system, as long as there is no reservation already confirmed.

To guarantee transparency in all reservations, we have developed an “Owners Area”, an exclusive platform of AB Apartment Barcelona and unique in the market of property managers in Barcelona. From this area you can easily manage and consult all the information related to your property, reservations, view invoices and settlements, track your income and much more.

Our full management service includes: Advice and personalized service, free profitability study, acquisition of reservations and clients, price optimization, publication of the property on our website and in other channels, communication with the guest, check-in management and check-out, professional photographs, professional maintenance and cleaning service, set-up of the apartment and monitoring of income and reservations in real time, among other services.

We have both a maintenance and cleaning department, which are fully responsible for ensuring the good condition of the property and meeting our quality standards.

All our apartments are equipped with bed linen and towels, as well as utensils and basic items. In case of not having it, AB Apartment can manage the purchase and distribution of these elements.

For tourist reservations of less than 31 nights, the costs for supplies are included in the rental price, as well as cleaning costs.

On the contrary, for monthly rentals, the expenses for supplies are not included in the price; these will be charged to the guest separately and the amount will vary depending on the rooms of the property. In case of excess consumption, the guest must pay the corresponding part. For more information, visit our monthly rental conditions page.

Renting your property from the comfort of your home is easier than it seems! What are you waiting for to obtain the maximum possible profitability?

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