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How to Prepare Your Balcony for the Summer

Now that Spring has begun and the good weather has arrived, the terrace or balcony of your tourist apartment will become the most used area for your tenants. Below, we explain how you can make this place pleasant and ideal for relaxation. 

Making the interior of the apartment cosy and comfortable is crucial, but it is equally important to ensure the balcony is just as inviting. To do this, you need to decide which style to decorate it with. Since it is another part of your apartment, we recommend that the decoration is consistent with the rest of the property. Here are some tips to turn your terrace into the ideal spot in your apartment!


Importance of Lighting

An important aspect to consider is lighting. Even if your terrace is in a spot with natural lighting, you should remember that lanterns or spotlights will be necessary to illuminate the area at night. If you prefer to illuminate it more discreetly, you can opt for string lights with small bulbs. These options can be a good idea as it serves as a decorative element that adds tranquillity and brightness to the terrace.


Decorating Style

On the other hand, the choice of furniture is very important. It should be comfortable and useful, as one of the goals is to make the most of the space. For example, including a small but practical table can be a good choice with dual functionality. Additionally, a couple of armchairs in the same style as the interior decor can be a success. Here are some current decorating trends to give your terrace or balcony a special touch:

  • Boho: This style is characterised by a mix of elements and accessories that create a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the patterns used are floral and ethnic, as well as vibrant colours complemented by neutrals. It involves using natural materials and fibres such as rattan or bamboo. Why not try this style to decorate your balcony or terrace?Gratis Puerta De Vidrio Con Marco De Madera Blanca Cerrada Foto de stock
  • Mediterranean: Some colours that you can use to decorate your balcony in a Mediterranean style are blue, white, and green. These evoke the sea and nature. Additionally, to give it a rustic touch, you can also incorporate stone or wood elements. This way, you’ll achieve a unique terrace!Gratis Fotos de stock gratuitas de a rayas, asientos, baraja Foto de stock


  • Vintage: The main features of this style are a mix of materials and the use of antique objects. Additionally, the lighting tends to be warm. This style is a good way of creating a beautiful balcony without investing a lot of money. With just a shelf, you can create a seat that, besides being useful, takes up little space. What more could you ask for?
    If you also want to create a chill-out area in this style, with just a few pallets, mattresses, and cushions, you can turn a corner of your terrace into your tenants’ favourite spot. Gratis Acogedoras Sillas De Mimbre En La Terraza De La Cabaña Foto de stock

Another relevant aspect when arranging the furniture and decor on your terrace, is to ensure there is some shade. It is necessary to have such a space so that those who do not want sun can also enjoy the good weather. If you have space and can afford it, we advise you to opt for a pergola. Alternatively, you can incorporate window flower boxes and plants as a barrier to create shade.


Promoting Sustainability

If you are looking for ways to promote sustainability on your balcony or terrace, there are numerous options to consider. For example, you can start by growing your own plants and herbs in pots or window boxes, which will not only allow you to enjoy fresh and healthy food but also help reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, you can install a rainwater harvesting system to water your plants, helping you save water and reduce the consumption of this valuable resource. Lastly, consider using recycled or reused materials to decorate your balcony or terrace, such as second-hand furniture or decor.  

With these simple sustainable practices at home, we are not only caring for the planet but also creating a healthier and more harmonious environment for tenants and the community.

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Final Tips and Tricks

Finally, here are some key tips for your terrace, especially to maximise space and ensure no corner is wanted:

  • Opt for folding furniture: Folding tables and chairs are perfect for decorating terraces where space is more limited. When you don’t need these items, you can fold them and make them take up almost no space.
  • 2-in-1 furniture: An example is benches that can also be used as storage. This way, you’ll achieve more space and comfort.
  • Use of suitable materials for the outdoors: the items you use on your balcony or terrace should be suitable for outdoor use; otherwise, they will deteriorate. Therefore, it is very important to take care of them and especially choose correctly.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your balcony clean and tidy. Regularly remove fallen leaves, water your plants, and make sure the furniture is in good condition. A well-maintained balcony will allow you to make the most of the summer season. Bring your terrace to life and make it the ideal place for your guests!


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