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Prepare your Rental Home for International Guests

More and more countries are choosing to visit the city of Barcelona, which is why one of the preliminary steps in renting out your tourist apartment is to prepare it properly. Adapting to international guests is really important if we want to diversify our market. Moreover, this adaptation will enhance your reputation and make the guests feel understood and supported throughout their stay. In this blog, we provide some key tips to get your apartment ready to welcome international guests.


Languages and Signage

When arriving in a new place, everyone wants to understand the information being conveyed. For this reason, we recommend offering guests information about your apartment in multiple languages, from communications with them to signage and other relevant data they should know. For example, it is very important that everyone can follow the instructions for the appliances and products in your apartment to ensure maximum comfort and a pleasant stay..

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Connectivity and Technology

Today, technology is omnipresent in all aspects of our lives. Instant communication through the internet and mobile devices is essential. Providing high-speed WiFi access is crucial for everyone, especially international travellers who depend on a fast connection to stay in touch with their loved ones.

It’s also important to consider that business travellers need a good network connection to work properly, and without it, their experience will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, another aspect to keep in mind is the compatibility of electrical outlets. In many parts of the world, a different plug is used than in Spain, and not having one compatible with your device can be a problem. We recommend providing your guests with universal adapters so that no tenant has trouble charging their devices, even far from their home country.

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Kitchen and Food

Another aspect to consider to make your tenants feel at home is the kitchen and food. Depending on the type of tenant, they will use the kitchen more or less, but in any case, it is important that it is well-equipped and offers common utensils for everyone.

Additionally, offering welcome items will help increase the guest’s sense of closeness. We recommend providing local products as well as international snacks. This way, you can introduce your guests to local cuisine while recognizing cultural diversity. Guests will always be grateful and feel that you care about them.

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Local Information

Guides and maps are the best ally for any tourist. To make your international guests’ stay as pleasant and positive as possible, we recommend offering useful information about local attractions and tours, preferably in their language.

It’s also a great idea to leave recommendations for restaurants in the area, both local and international. One of the best things about Barcelona is the wide variety of gastronomic options available, giving your guests plenty to choose from! However, many tourists, when travelling, want to try typical local dishes. That’s why it’s important to recommend traditional places where they can taste the best of local cuisine!

You can also organise activities and offer personalised tours. If you go beyond the usual spots and recommend more unique places, guests will be able to experience local life and will be very grateful!

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Transportation Instructions

Thanks to Barcelona’s excellent public transport connections, the city is very well-connected. Whether by train, metro, or bus, tourists can easily travel and explore all the neighbourhoods of the city. When visitors arrive in Barcelona, they will need information and transportation options to get from the station to your accommodation. We recommend communicating with them in advance, providing directions and guides on using public transport. Navigating and moving around an unfamiliar city can be tedious, so help your guests in this aspect to avoid any issues!

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Personalised Services

The personalised services you offer your guests will make a difference and ensure they rate their experience positively. With the comprehensive management of AB Apartment Barcelona, we offer 24/7 assistance, as issues can arise at any time. Guests will appreciate having someone to contact to resolve problems, and this will also make them feel supported and safe throughout their stay.

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Cultural Norms

Living standards are also very important, as each culture is completely different. Promoting respect and coexistence among everyone is crucial to ensure guests feel comfortable. Regarding flexibility, it is important to respect and understand each guest’s schedule. Each guest may have a different timetable, and that’s why we need to promote coexistence and inform guests about this.

Guests’ diets and preferences are really important for their comfort. Therefore, we need to be aware of their preferences and any special needs they might have. As a host, make sure to stay informed about your guests to meet these needs. It’s also important to consider the apartment’s accessibility, ensuring it is suitable for everyone, including people with reduced mobility. Access should be easy and not a problem for the guest!


We encourage you to implement these adaptations to improve the experience of your international guests. This way, you will ensure they have a positive experience and will want to stay in your apartment again!

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