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How to Improve the Security of your Apartment with a Smart Lock

Nowadays, it has become essential to provide maximum comfort in rental apartments. Investing in emerging technologies within the home environment is an excellent option to attract new guests and make their stay more comfortable. In this blog, we will discuss how smart locks increase the security of your rental apartment.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock, also known as an electric lock or a state-of-the-art lock, is a device that performs the same function as a conventional lock but it allows doors of buildings and residences to be opened without the need for a physical key. 

There are several types of electronic locks. The most common are:

  • Locks with a digital key
  • Locks with temporary codes
  • Locks with a fingerprint

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How Does a Smart Lock Work?

Smart locks function in a very similar way to conventional locks. They feature a digital opening and closing mechanism that is responsible for keeping the door bolts closed until the next entry. 

These types of locks, being connected to the electrical power supply, can be remotely controlled via a mobile phone, through an application, or Bluetooth. 

Most of these mechanisms have special security encryption, which ensures the privacy of data. Thanks to these measures, the device complicates the manipulation by unauthorised people.

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Advantages Over Traditional Locks

Installing a smart lock has multiple advantages. Below, we detail the most relevant ones:

  1. Better security: They are very difficult to manipulate or open by strangers since it is only possible to open them by those who have access to the specific digital system. In the event of a robbery, the intruders will encounter a very difficult situation and find it almost impossible to break in.
  2. No more keys: By not requiring a key, security is also improved since there is no danger of outsiders being able to make a copy that falls into unwanted hands.
  3. Better and greater access control: These devices allow control over who can access the property. Additionally, access can be granted or denied to those who request it. 
  4. Programmable: They are very easy to programme via mobile phones. For example, if you are away, you can schedule an opening and closing time to lock the doors remotely.

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Benefits for your Guests

Installing a smart lock in your rental apartment has multiple benefits for your guests. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Practicality: Many countries already have electronic locks in their homes. For this reason, potential tourists and tenants visiting your apartment are already familiar with such technologies. 
  • Autonomy: One of the great benefits is the high level of autonomy it provides to your guests. You just need to ensure they know how to use the device, and they can access and exit the apartment whenever they wish. As the owner, this smart technology offers greater flexibility, because it does not require you to be present at the time of the check-in.
  • High compatibility: It is a system that is compatible with the majority of mobile phones, even without having a WiFi connection at the time of opening the door. 
  • Battery life: Smart locks have a long-lasting battery. Therefore, they can go for months without needing to be changed. Generally, the device warns in advance when the level of battery is low or when there is a risk of deactivation. Additionally, having long-lasting batteries ensures that security is not compromised during a power outage.

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Why Should I Install a Smart Lock in my Apartment?

Smart Home technology has been making its way into our daily lives for years. That’s why installing a digital lock will ensure that your apartment meets the demands of current tenants. In addition to all the advantages already mentioned, it will help increase the value of your property and differentiate it from the rest. You cannot afford to be behind!

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What Level of Security do Smart Locks Offer?

Despite the high security of smart locks, we recommend that electronic locks are not used as the only security measure in your apartment. We suggest that, in order to optimise security in your home, you complement the smart lock with a homeowner’s insurance policy, or additional devices, such as alarms or outdoor security cameras at the entrances.

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Which Electronic Lock to Choose?

Most of the apartments managed by AB Apartment Barcelona feature Assa Abloy smart locks. As pioneers in the industry since 1974, Assa Abloy is a leader in access control technologies. With a presence in over 166 countries and installed in more than 7 million hotel rooms and accommodations, it is the perfect solution for the electronic lock in your apartment!


Now that you know the benefits of electronic locks, start using them and enjoy their conveniences. Check out our blog for more tips and useful guides for homeowners!

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