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7 Foolproof Tips for Renting an Apartment to Students

Each year, Barcelona becomes the temporary home to approximately 30,000 international students. In 2023, this number increased to about 34,000 students, solidifying the city as a top-tier educational destination in Europe. This presents property owners with a unique opportunity to offer accommodation to a rapidly growing market segment. If you’re considering renting out your apartment to students, here are 7 foolproof ways to ensure a positive experience for both you and your tenants, understanding the needs of this demographic.


1. Furnish the Apartment

Furnishing the apartment is crucial for students. As individuals who are moving out to live closer to their educational institutions, they typically travel light, without the hassle of transporting furniture. Therefore, we recommend renting out the apartment with furniture to simplify this process.

Offering a fully furnished apartment, you facilitate this transition and increase the appeal of your property. Most people prefer moving into a ready-to-live-in space, avoiding the need to acquire furniture. Make sure to include essentials such as beds, tables, chairs, sofas, and storage spaces. Consider that furnishing an apartment would require a significant investment for the tenant, which might deter your target audience since they are students. By offering a furnished apartment, the tenant saves on the initial investment and the complexity of moving.

Sala de estar con un sofá gris en forma de L, cojines verdes, una pared de ladrillo a la vista con una pintura abstracta, y un televisor de pantalla plana. Perfecta para estudiantes que buscan un espacio cómodo y moderno.


2. Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is an ideal solution for optimising a space in a room, helping to reduce clutter by minimising the number of necessary objects. These pieces not only provide additional space but also reduce costs by serving more than one function. Implementing this type of furniture has only advantages!

There is a wide variety of multifunctional furniture available. In the context of a student apartment, the most recommended ones include storage beds, which offer storage under the mattress, and tables that convert into shelves, perfect for combining workspace and storage in a single piece of furniture.

Dormitorio moderno con una cama compacta, escritorio amplio con ordenador, y estanterías flotantes. Decorado con una imagen de un caballo y una ventana luminosa que da un toque fresco al espacio. Ideal para estudiantes que necesitan un lugar funcional y acogedor para estudiar y descansar.


3. Ensure the Kitchen is Equipped

One of the most used rooms in an apartment is the kitchen. Moreover, being a student apartment, it’s likely that they will spend a lot of time there. It’s important that tenants can cook whatever they want without any issues. For this reason, make sure the kitchen has the necessary utensils to comfortably cook! It’s important that these items are of quality so that they can be used for as long as possible.

For a functional kitchen in a student apartment, it’s crucial to have basic utensils. Make sure to include pots, pans, a good set of knives, cutting boards, spatulas, wooden spoons, a colander, and kitchen scissors. Don’t forget dishes, cutlery, and enough glasses so that students can enjoy their meals without any issues. In addition to the fridge and microwave, some appliances can make life easier. Provide a toaster, a blender for smoothies or soups, and a rice cooker or multi cooker. These items facilitate meal preparation and promote independent and organised living. With these amenities, your apartment will be a highly attractive option for students.

Cocina moderna con electrodomésticos de acero inoxidable, armarios grises brillantes, y encimeras elegantes. Incluye una isla con estufa, almacenamiento para vinos y una campana extractora. El espacio es ideal para estudiantes que disfrutan cocinar en un entorno funcional y bien diseñado.


4. Optimal Decoration

Decoration in a student apartment should not only be functional but also inspiring. Opting for a design that maximises space usage and reflects current trends can transform any apartment into a cosy and practical place. With a mix of style and efficiency, you can create an environment that not only facilitates studying but also makes tenants feel at home.

We recommend the following:

  • Make sure that the rooms have a table and chair that allow students to study comfortably.
  • Additionally, it’s essential to incorporate wardrobes and shelves to provide sufficient storage space.
  • In case the space is limited, you can follow some of the tips we share in our article on how to maximise space in a small apartment.
  • Don’t forget that a comfortable bed is equally essential!
  • Provide the necessary space in the bathroom for tenants to put away and store their products.
  • In the living room, it’s advisable to have a TV and a sofa so that all tenants can enjoy this space whenever they want to relax.

Escritorio blanco minimalista con una computadora de pantalla grande mostrando la hora, rodeado de estanterías con libros. Una taza de café y un jarrón con flores amarillas adornan el espacio, creando un ambiente limpio y organizado, ideal para estudiantes que buscan un lugar tranquilo para estudiar.


5. Provide good Internet Connection

WiFi connection in a student apartment is essential. Nowadays, access to quality WiFi has ceased to be a luxury and has become an indispensable necessity for students. Technology is everywhere, and therefore, it’s essential for optimal work and study.

During the pandemic, we were aware of the significant advantages of having a good internet connection and its importance. So, make sure to provide network connection in your apartment and that it is of good quality!

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6. Be Accessible and Approachable!

We recommend that you be as close as possible with the students to whom you are going to rent the apartment. Trust will play a very important role, and the student must be sure that they are renting the best apartment! Additionally, it’s essential that you be decisive and attentive; this includes trying to solve problems as quickly and as best as possible.

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7. Make sure the clauses are clear

Often, the regulations and limits set in the lease agreement can cause confusion or not be entirely clear to tenants. Therefore, it’s crucial that you ensure that all rules and expectations are clearly detailed and understood by both parties from the beginning. A well-drafted and specific contract can prevent many misunderstandings and future conflicts.

We understand that student life can be vibrant and dynamic, full of activities and new experiences. To ensure that all residents enjoy a pleasant and peaceful environment, it’s important to establish some coexistence guidelines from the beginning. These rules help maintain a balance between fun and mutual respect, allowing everyone to live comfortably. It’s also helpful to have a friendly conversation at the beginning of the lease to review these guidelines and ensure that everyone agrees and understands their purpose. This not only prevents potential misunderstandings but also promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.


Advantages of Renting your Apartment to Students

  • Duration: The academic year usually lasts 9 months, so your apartment will receive income for most of the year and the property will not be left empty.
  • Condition of the housing: Although each owner’s experience may vary, many students understand the importance of caring for the provided furniture. This is especially true if the contract includes clear clauses on apartment maintenance and care.
  • Lower risk of outstanding payments: Payments are often backed by parents or legal guardians, significantly reducing the risk of outstanding payments.
  • Availability in summer: Most students want to return home during the summer, so it’s an opportunity for you to make your apartment profitable and use it for other purposes. If it’s close to the beach, for example, it can be a great advantage for you!
  • September, the best time to rent: In additionally, September is the best time to rent your apartment in Barcelona, as it coincides with the start of the academic year and the arrival of students looking for accommodation close to their universities. This high-demand season can facilitate finding tenants and ensure long-term contracts.
  • Loyalty: Most students are loyal to their apartment, and if they are satisfied during the first year, they are likely to repeat and decide to stay until they finish their entire university degree or studies.

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We also recommend that you provide information about the city and some plans to make with friends! Students will appreciate it and will be able to get to know the city of Barcelona better.

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