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The 7 best decoration ideas for a modern living room

The living room is the most visible place in the house and where we usually spend the most time, either for rest or a family gathering. It has to be a cheerful but relaxed space, without ceasing to be functional and with a good aesthetic. Whether you have a flat to rent or own, keep reading to learn about our best decoration ideas for a modern living room!


1. Everything starts with the sofa…

The sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room. Not only is its functionality important, the sofa will set the tone of your space.

Choose one that matches the dimensions of the room. Also, if you have a narrow living room, a very good option would be to place the sofa against the wall to get the most out of it and prevent it from becoming an obstacle.


2. Light is of great importance

Natural lighting completely changes the appearance of a living room, especially if you are lucky enough to have sunbeams coming through the window that warm up the room. You can play with the curtains, but let the light through, the more translucent the better.

You should also take into account the importance of lamps, adding different heights and warm temperatures. It would be ideal if, in addition, they have a gradual intensity system, to adapt the lighting to the mood.


3. Don’t neglect color!

The color of the walls and the decorative elements are really what make the difference to achieve a modern living room.

Many times we tend to choose white tones, since it creates a more spacious, bright and minimalist environment, but there are also other tones that you can play with, such as earth brown, grey, beige… These create a cosy, familiar and elegant atmosphere. Although bright colors must not be excluded, they can also be combined with white and transmit good energy. Choose a color palette and follow that aesthetic throughout the room!


4. Separate rooms to gain space

If you need to divide spaces, such as the kitchen and living room, use a breakfast bar to create continuity and space at the same time. This idea adds a modern touch to your living room. But you also have the option of placing a half-height storage module.


5. Add decorative elements

To achieve a modern look in your living room, you can arrange decorative and functional elements, such as furniture, lamps, rugs or any piece that creates contrast and stands out, in order to create a warmer atmosphere. An example would be placing a striking lamp or rug, always taking into account the vibe of the room.

Of course, do not forget to add cushions on the sofa and the occasional plant, it will create a more welcoming and warm atmosphere.


6. Bet on modern art elements

If you plan to put paintings, photographs, prints or any artistic element, do not hesitate to place modern pieces with matching colors that transmit warmth to the room. Plus, this will give it that special touch you need!


7. Take advantage of outdoor spaces

If your living room overlooks a terrace, balcony or garden, you can make the most of it by connecting the interior and exterior with an enclosure that allows both spaces to be joined. In this way, with good weather, the room will double its surface. Take into account the decoration of the living room to continue with the same style outside!


As you can see, there are several aspects that you can take into account to have a beautiful and modern room. These changes can revalue your apartment exponentially. Do not hesitate to contact our AB Apartment Barcelona team to maximize your income with the rental of your apartment in Barcelona.

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