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How to Adapt Your Apartment to Attract Business Travellers?

Most of the time when we think about tenants for a holiday rental we are usually talking about tourists, however, in Barcelona, Business tourism is a market that has been growing non-stop for years. From the Mobile World Congress, the Alimentaria Fair on the Motor Show, Barcelona has become one of the leading destinations for business travels and the MICE industry.

That’s why, if you have a holiday apartment in Barcelona, stay until the end of this blog to learn how to attract guests who come to Barcelona for work. 

A Business Tourist’s Profile 

The business traveller differs from the conventional tourist as the individual usually travels alone and has completely different needs. To know how to attract these types of travellers to our vacation rentals, we must first know what they are like:

  • The duration of their travels is usually between 3 and 8 days: The objective of these trips is to reach the capital, meet or attend relevant events, network and return home with a good commercial agreement.
  • They are usually a qualified person: Normally directors and managers, technicians and salespeople, because they are the perfect kind of people to meet new clients
  • They are usually big spenders: Their average daily expenditure is around €206, while the traditional traveller typically spends around €146. 
  • 45% of business travellers prefer to stay in apartments: Years ago they used to stay in hotels, but this practice is less and less common, as more and more are looking for accommodation that provides greater versatility during their stay.
  • Europe and Spain are the most visited: MICE tourism is usually concentrated on the European continent and Spain accounts for 85% of these trips.

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6 Key Ways of Attracting Business Tourists to Your Rental Apartment

If you want to gain the interest of this type of corporate guests, then as the owner of a rental apartment you will have to adapt your home to their needs. Here are our tips:

1. Internet Connection

Although nowadays it is rare that a home doesn’t have WiFi, it must be kept in mind that this type of traveller needs to have a stable and high-speed internet connection, since the individual will usually be receiving notifications and making other important arrangements online.


2. A Space to Work

One of the key points that these travellers look for when booking a property, is that it has a dedicated space where they can work. Since the pandemic, remote work has been established in our lives, so when we travel for business this becomes an essential factor. Therefore, it will be important that your apartment has a comfortable table and a functional chair that they can work from, preferably on wheels or ergonomic since they spend several hours there.

3. Tranquillity and Privacy

This type of person really values a tranquil place, firstly so they can work better, but also because at the end of the day, after numerous meetings, the only thing they look for is a home without noise so that they can rest and recuperate for the next day. That’s why, normally they choose apartments that are located away from the busy and tourist areas

Moreover, these types of travellers prefer to stay in a place that provides privacy, as they often travel with equipment and valuables. Therefore, if you want to interest these people, you should invest in a security alarm system for your property.

alarma seguridad piso vacacional

4. The Location and Public Transport

As we mentioned in the previous point, location is one of the key features for these travellers. It is true that the location of the apartment is what it is, but if you are in an area close to convention centres, business areas or events, your property will score points. Also, it would be great if the property’s neighbourhood had coworking spaces or cafés to work in. 

In addition, another plus is that your apartment is well connected with public transport or taxi stops,  as this way your guests can comfortably move around to other parts of the city.

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods of Barcelona among business travellers are: District 22 in Poblenou, Fira de Montjuïc and Plaza España, the university area in Les Corts or even Hospitalet de Llobregat, where the Fira de Gran Via hosts multiple international conferences.


5. Bleisure Travel: There is Always Time for Leisure!

Although it is true that those that travel for work are focussed on completing business duties, there is a growing trend known as Bleisure, which blends business travel with pleasure. 

That’s why, we recommend that you invite your tenants to discover the city’s culture and do social activities. With the management of AB Apartment Barcelona, we take care of offering your guests lots of extra premium services, ranging from concierge services such as tours and visits to the city, activities, guides to get to know the city…


6. Elegant and Minimalist Decoration

The style of the apartment is the first thing that catches your attention when looking through the booking photos. Business travellers usually enjoy an executive style, which is associated with major capital cities. 

It is characterised by mixing simple elements, functional furniture for work purposes, and combining simple and minimalist lines. The colours that best suit these types of travellers are plain and neutral palettes, as they give an eclectic and elegant feel.


You can also read our blog about Home Staging to know more about how to rent our your property quicker. 

You now have the keys to attract business travellers to your vacation rental! By following these simple tips, you will be able to adapt your listing and start receiving reservations from this growing sector.

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