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The 5 Most Loved Home Decor Styles

If you want to renovate your rental apartment’s design, it is possible that you don’t know which style to choose or that you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options that exist. With so many decor and material trends to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we have prepared a guide with all of the most popular decor styles. Here are 5 decor styles that your next guests will fall in love with the most!


1. Modern Style: Be prepared to add style and class to your home

A modern style in a home applies a mixture of elements, such as glass, simple lines, metal bars and neutral colours. The idea is to create an elegant and bright space with good furniture. It is very common to associate modern design with minimalism. Minimalism is a growing trend that is characterised by not incorporating too many decorative elements, but instead uses thin lines and harmonious spaces. If you want to take it a step further so that your apartment is even more modern, we recommend that you have technological systems and home automation in the property. If you are looking for a contemporary and modern home style, this could be perfect for you!


2. Classic Style: Timeless, because it never goes out of style

The classic decor style has existed for centuries, it is the combination of different historical periods that we have experienced as a society. It usually includes ornate furniture and decor with a traditional character. Unlike the modern and minimalist style, here, the lines are curved and no detail is spared. For instance, if you think that this style might suit you, then you can include a vintage rug or a chandelier when decorating your living room. Although it differs from the previous style, nowadays, many homes decide to combine this classic style with more contemporary and trending elements to make it more current and create a truly timeless space, regardless of the era.

If you are torn between renting with or without furniture, read our blog to discover which option is more profitable!


3. Mediterranean Style: Embrace your more marine side

Owning an apartment in Barcelona and being close to the sea, we could not exclude the Mediterranean style. This type of decor is characterised by blending three key elements: light, warmth, and freshness. Perfect for evoking the feeling of blue waters! If your apartment is located close to the beach, just think of the houses in Mamma Mia to get an idea of how the decor should be. You can include wicker elements and baskets, white and blue tiles, glass bottles as decoration, or even bouquets of dried flowers. Another key element would be sea-themed paintings or ornaments, for example fishing elements. With these touches, your tenants surely won’t want to leave!


4. Boho Style: A vibrant explosion of colour

Bohemian-style homes emphasise colour and patterns greatly. This style is eclectic and joyful, aiming to make your home feel like an extension of your personality. Popularly known as boho, boho chic, or hippie, in the 80s, it referred to the new generation of wealthy bourgeoisie. However, nowadays, it has expanded across many cultures and personalities. Natural materials are highly favoured when creating a boho space. Hence, you can opt for a wicker, rattan, and macramé. Don’t forget the mix of fabrics in different colours and patterns, or the abundance of plants or artwork. If you want to give your apartment a unique and fresh touch, bohemian decor might be perfect for you!


5. Loft Style: Add a retro and industrial touch to your home

Originating in the 1950s when many New York students couldn’t afford rent, the industrial loft style remains prevalent today. This industrial style is characterised by open and spacious areas, as it was previously used in workplaces and offices. When we think of industrial decor, what comes to mind is a workshop, or an old factory… that’s why to create a home with a factory look, you will need to include recycled elements, wooden and steel pieces, and of course, we cannot forget the exposed brick walls! Additionally, considering the origins of this design, it is common for apartments with this style to have visible pipes and to feature a colour palette with blacks, browns, and whites as the main colours.


These are just some of the most loved decor styles. When creating the design for your apartment, take your time and experiment with different styles and trends to find the one that suits you best, but also resonates with your guests. It is important to choose something that makes the tenants feel comfortable. If done well, your property’s decor can make a difference!

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