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How to Make Your Tourist Apartment Cosier for Christmas

During the holiday season, thousands of people move to other cities to enjoy the magic of these festivities. If you own an apartment in Barcelona, as Christmas approaches, you might be thinking about making your tourist apartment cosier. In this article, we will give you various ideas to transform your apartment and turn it into a warm place where the stay is even more pleasant. Let’s get started!

1. Christmas Decorations

Firstly, to make your tourist apartment cosier during Christmas, you can place various elements that will create that Christmas atmosphere we all desire during this time of year. 

A good option is to put lights, either on the dining table or as a garland. Adding Christmas lights will make the stay more inviting for guests staying at your property. 

Another option is to hang a wreath on the door. Similar to the tree, you can decorate it to your liking and in the style that resonates with you the most. Placing a Christmas wreath on the door will be very appealing to guests, as it will be the first thing they see upon arrival at the apartment.


2. Decorative elements


With the arrival of winter, one of the decorative elements you shouldn’t forget is candles, as they are a good resource to make your home warmer and cosier. Depending on where and how you place them, you will create different atmospheres. Consider the size and shape of the candles.

Depending on the location, it might be more appealing to have larger or smaller candles. For instance, on the dining table, it is recommended to place a larger candle in the centre.



How beautiful is it to set the dining table with a nice centrepiece? During this time of year, you can create a centrepiece with dried flowers combined with forest pine cones. This, paired with a candle, can add a magical touch to the space!


Colour Palette

The colour choice is more important than it seems. Now that the Christmas atmosphere is beginning, a good option is to choose decorations in green or red tones. You can also opt for more neutral colours like brown or light orange. These colours will bring warmth to the atmosphere and are easy to combine with the room’s other colours.

Don’t know what home staging is yet? Speed up bookings in your apartment with these decoration tricks!


Christmas Tree

If you have enough space in the living room, you can set up a Christmas tree to create an even more festive atmosphere! You can choose between a natural or artificial tree. With good decoration and placing it in the right spot, you’ll transform the space.

Additionally, you can choose from different styles to decorate it. Here are several ideas so that you can decorate your tree to your preference:

  • Traditional Style: If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about how to decorate your christmas tree, then you can always opt for this style. Decorate your tree with traditional green and red decorations, colours that are typical of Christmas – it’s a safe bet!
  • Nordic Style: By decorating your tree with light colours like white, you will make your guests feel the christmas spirit. With this minimalistic style you will convey a lot of peace. If you want to change and aim for a new decoration, do not hesitate to decorate your tree in white!
  • Modern Style: To make your tree look bright and cheerful, place lights all around it. Whether cold or warm, you will illuminate the area and make the environment cosier.
  • Rustic Style: If your living room or the place where you want to put your tree has a rustic style, decorate it in the same manner! You can place brown or warm coloured ribbons on it, and add baskets and rustic objects under the tree.

If you think that your apartment is small, you can also replace the Christmas tree for smaller sculptures and ornaments. These are perfect for decorating furniture and halls.


3. Scents and Aromas

Opting for incense or scented candles will make the atmosphere in your apartment unique. Although there is a wide range of options to choose from, such as citrus, floral, or fruity scents, for this time of year, we recommend that you opt for softer and warmer fragrances. The best options include: chocolate, pine, or cinnamon scents. You can place the fragrances in the entrance near the foyer or in the living room, as these are the most central places in the home.


4. Opt for Plants

Apart from using them as a decorative element, plants have a multitude of benefits, such as regulating humidity. Furthermore, with plants, we can bring freshness into our home and create a sense of vitality. You can choose between natural or artificial plants, depending on your preferences and willingness to care for them. If you are looking for a plant that lasts a long time and is easily maintainable, artificial plants are for you! Don’t worry about them looking unreal; nowadays, there are many artificial plants that look very real.

On the other hand, if you are willing to take care of them and dedicate more time, you can opt for natural plants. A benefit of these plants is that they can provide fragrance while purifying the air.



5. A special message

Finally, if you want to win over your next guests, there is nothing better than writing a Christmas card. Sending them a dedication, celebrating the holidays, can add a magical touch to your guests’ stay. Are you up for it?



As you can see, there are many options to make your apartment cosier during Christmas. For more useful tips, check out our homeowners blog, where you will find a variety of articles from our professionals!

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