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Tips for Maximising the Space in a Small Apartment

Are you worried that your rental apartment is too small? Finding ways to make the most out of limited space in a small home can be quite challenging. Whether you have a studio, a one-bedroom apartment, or simply limited square footage, with a few small changes and clever space-saving tips, you can transform your small apartment into a comfortable home that appears larger than it really is. Don’t worry, here are our top tips!

1. Organisation and storage

The key to maximising the space in a small apartment is storage. Start by organising and removing all items that you don’t use or like. This includes bulky furniture, ornaments, and even small appliances. Remember when space is limited, less is more!

Another option is to opt for smart storage solutions that help you gain space. These could be wall shelves, baskets, under-bed storage, or custom-made cabinets. They’re ideal for storing clothes, books and other items that might otherwise take up space.


2. Choose dual-purpose furniture

Go for multifunctional furniture and pieces that serve a dual purpose. For example, a storage can double as additional seating while storing sheets, blankets, or other items.

Also invest in versatile furniture that can be easily moved, such as a trundle bed or a rolling kitchen island, to adapt the space layout to your needs and occasions.


3. Look up!

When you run out of floor space, make use of the vertical space. Walls are excellent surfaces to utilise and free up space. You can hang items like paintings, mirrors, or even mount wall shelves to make the most of and enhance high ceilings.

Finally, when you don’t have much square footage, consider replacing floor lamps with pendant lights. This will help declutter visually and make your apartment appear more organised.


4. Bunk beds for smaller rooms

If you have a compact apartment with only two rooms, consider turning one into a bedroom with bunk beds. This way, you will improve the efficiency of the space by increasing the capacity of your apartment. Moreover, this option is perfect for attracting a more family-oriented audience. 

Read our blog about how to design a dream bedroom, to maximise your rental possibilities.


5. Embrace monochrome

Using a monochromatic colour scheme can make a small space seem larger and more spacious. That’s why, if your apartment is small or a studio type, it is best to choose light and bright colours like white, cream, and translucent elements. Additionally, if you use this colour palette throughout the home, you will achieve uniformity and continuity. This will help the space to appear more open and airy. 

On the other hand, you should avoid dark colours in elements like curtains as they absorb sunlight. Another consideration is the placement for mirrors. Playing with their positioning can make your space look larger.


6. Under the window

Can you imagine having breakfast every morning under the window? Or reading your favourite novel in the sunlight? All of this sounds great, all you need is to create a cosy space under one of the windows in your apartment, preferably in the living room or kitchen. The best way to achieve this is by creating a built-in bench on the wall, with lower storage options. Your tenants will love this corner!


7. Create a sense of purity

Adding plants and natural elements to a small apartment is essential to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and make the space seem larger. 

Since the size of plant pots might be an issue in the home, you can opt to incorporate floating cubes on the walls. This will allow you to display your favourite plants or even create an indoor vertical garden.



Extra Tip: Be original!

For example, if you have limited space for a home office, why not add a sliding table? You can slide it out whenever needed and hide it away to save space. 

Or if your space is open-plan or loft-style, but you want to create a more private area, you can add a room divider or opt for creative solutions like movable walls to separate the space from the rest of the room.


By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your small apartment’s space and make it seem much larger than it actually is. With a bit of creativity and some creative storage solutions, you can maximise the space and create a cosy and comfortable home that caters to the needs of your future tenants.

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