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6 Key Ways to Get More Light into a Dark Apartment

Having a well-lit and bright apartment is essential for tenants to feel comfortable. Furthermore, it helps convey positivity and enhances the overall pleasantness of the space. Although it may not seem apparent, lighting influences people’s health. For this reason, having good lighting in your apartment is truly important. Here are 6 keys to transform your dark apartment into a brighter space.


1. Use light colours

One of the key ways to get more light in your apartment is using light colours. White is the most luminous colour, conveying cleanliness and purity. Additionally, you can also use pink tones, which convey kindness and positivity, or even greys, which evoke calmness. You should take into account the use of colours on walls and elements in each room. From the sheets, the wardrobes, the desk… depending on the colour scheme, the room will appear more or less luminous. Hence, the importance of highlighting light and neutral colours in the home.

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2. Good layout

The way we place the furniture plays a very important role in how spacious and luminous the apartment feels. For instance, to make use of natural light from outside, position the living room near the windows, allowing light to concentrate and enter that area. On the other hand, if the living room is small, we could opt for sofas that are simple and not overly big. If we use large furniture, it can overcrowd the room and create the opposite effect to what we want. We can also consider using dual function furniture, which not only saves space but also adds comfort.

3. Hang Mirrors

When you buy a mirror, you can’t just hang it anywhere on the wall, because if you know the right places then the light will reflect off the mirror and illuminate those dark areas of the apartment that interest us most. With the help of these mirrors, we will also ensure that the light is well distributed. The key areas to place them are:

  • The entrance hall: Placing a mirror on the entrance wall will create a lot of luminosity. Moreover, it will reflect the space creating a sense of spaciousness. The entrance hall is the first space that the guests will see when they enter the apartment, hence the importance that it is well-lit!
  • The dining room: Putting a mirror in the dining room, usually connected to the living room, reflects light into both spaces. It is one of the most used areas in a home, so it should feel spacious and pleasant.
  • The hallway: Mirrors in the hallway make the space that connects all the rooms seem larger and more inviting.

4. Choose curtains wisely

The choice of curtains is more important than it seems. To ensure that the light enters correctly and to eliminate the feeling of darkness, choose curtains that suit your needs. For a dark room, linen curtains are a good option. They allow light to enter and illuminate the room while preventing direct sunlight. However, don’t forget to place an opaque curtain over the previous one to prevent light from entering during the evenings or when you are resting.

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5. Glass furniture

Using glass furniture enhances the feeling of luminosity. It makes the apartment appear more sophisticated and conveys elegance.The glass pieces can also be colourful and can be used to emit peace and joy, depending on where and how they are placed. These items could range from a dining table, TV stand, hallway dresser, or even the doors of different rooms. The use of this material helps to distribute more light throughout the space.

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6. Lamps and lights

Finally, don’t forget about artificial lighting. If your apartment does not have a lot of natural light, you can opt to include lamps and LED lights. These will help to illuminate specific areas that are isolated from natural light. For instance, in the living room, a floor lamp can illuminate the area while adding style. Alternatively, a good option for the bathroom are recessed lights. With them, you can discreetly illuminate the areas you want.

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These are some key ways of getting more light in your apartment. Follow these tips to add light into your apartment and banish the darkness! Check out our blog for more articles with useful tricks.

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