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The 7 Trends for Decorating your Apartment in 2024

Every year, new decorative trends emerge that you can implement in your house. In this blog, we show you 7 decoration trends for 2024. These will help update your rental apartment and make it more appealing for your guests.

1. Sustainable Decoration

Choosing furniture made from natural materials will enhance the peace and relaxation of your apartment. Additionally, by making your apartment more sustainable, you will be contributing to environment conservation. Eco-friendly decoration is based on the 3 Rs: Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce. Therefore, if you agree with these three ideas, you need to apply these trends.

This year, plants continue being a good element for decoration, and, at the same time, contribute to a calm and purified air.

deco sostenible

2. 2024 Colour Palette

In 2024, several colours that were already trending are making a strong comeback, but this time with different shades.

Firstly, sky blue will be a trend. It is a colour that brings freshness, and at the same time, conveys serenity and tranquillity. It is ideal for both bedrooms and communal areas. 

Another star colour for this new season is lavender. It belongs to the purple colour range and is slightly darker than others. It is ideal to combine this colour with grey, white, or green. Using these colours will add a sophisticated and elegant ambiance in your apartment. 

On the other hand, the honey colour is a neutral tone that brings warmth and a sense of comfort. It is the ideal colour when decorating your apartment and makes guests feel at home! You can use it in furniture as well as decorative elements.

colores claros

3. Floral Prints and Stripes

Another trend that you cannot miss this year is floral prints and stripes. Depending on the decoration style, you can choose to implement this trend on the walls, sofas, ceilings or on the floors. This is where imagination comes into play!

rayas en suelo

4. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is a key trend to make your apartment more pleasant. Properly illuminating all spaces is crucial as it influences both mood and well-being. Therefore, it is important to know how to light up a rental apartment for guests to have a satisfying experience. 

Mood lighting is homogeneous and soft, making it a great base that complements all kinds of lights. This light is ideal for places like the living room and dining room, as it creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere in these areas of the apartment.

luz ambiental

5. Geometric Shapes

Geometry is everywhere, but sometimes it goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, this year it will be a trend and will be even more present. If you want to modernise your apartment, don’t hesitate to use geometric shapes!

The most common way to use geometry in a home is with furniture. Circular shapes and round lamps, for example, create comfortable spaces. You can also use decorative elements like mirrors. You can find multiple mirrors with very original geometric shapes that will give a unique touch to your space!

lampara redonda

6. Multifunctional Furniture

It’s increasingly common to find multifunctional furniture in the market. Without a doubt, this year is a trend that you shouldn’t miss! It’s a great option to make the most of the apartment space and benefit from its multiple functions. Beyond sofa beds, you can find beds with storage, stackable furniture, and extendable tables.

These furniture pieces will help create a sense of spaciousness and bring efficiency to your living space.


7. Open and Flowing Spaces

The trend of opening up living spaces continues, contributing to the fluidity of the space. Social models have changed so much in recent years that they have also affected the way we inhabit a space. Since the introduction of remote work, space has been expanded to offer more freedom.

espacio abierto

That’s why, if you want to be in style, you should opt for minimalism in your apartment. As we were saying, there is a clear trend for neutral and fluid lines, giving special prominence to geometric shapes.

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