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Essentials for Furnishing the Bedrooms in a Tourist Apartment

If you own a tourist apartment, you’ll know that having it well-equipped is crucial for success among guests. Additionally, the bedrooms are where tenants spend most of their time alongside the living room. In this article, we provide some advice on how to furnish the rooms in your apartment to ensure your guests’ stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Homogeneous lighting

Firstly, the way in which you light your apartment and of course, the bedrooms, can impact the guests’ mood and comfort. Lighting is a factor that influences people’s moods, that’s why it’s important to consider this when illuminating an apartment. Depending on the room size, the lighting intensity should be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, you should differentiate between cool and warm lighting. Here we explain the benefits of each:

  1. Cool/ White Lighting

This type of lighting doesn’t distort the colours of objects in the room, making the room more attractive and modern! Therefore, if the room you want to illuminate has a desk, this option is ideal as it encourages concentration by creating a visually comfortable area. 

Interestingly, the intensity of cool lighting ranges between 5,000 and 6,500 degrees.

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2. Warm Lighting

With this type of lighting, you can add warmth to the environment, enhance colours, and create a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it is the ideal lighting for making a room cosier, while maintaining a relaxing ambiance.

As an alternative, you can opt for neutral lighting. This offers the perfect balance between cool and warm lighting. It also creates a relaxing ambiance and is ideal for areas of the home such as the living room, the entrance or hallways, and of course the bedrooms. Its intensity is approximately 4,500 degrees, and closely resembles natural light.

Extra tip: If you want, you can opt for products with CCT technology, which allow you to have adaptable lighting in each room. This can help transform your apartment into a Smart Home.

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Bedside Table

The bedside table is essential in a bedroom. It is one of the main features of this space, and among all of the available options, you can choose from a rectangular, square, or round table. This will depend on the decor style that is most suitable.

Keep in mind the height, it should be similar to the bed’s for maximum comfort and proper use. It is not advisable for the nightstand to exceed this height, as it might lose its practicality.

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Comfortable Bed

It is clear that to have your dream bedroom, the bed that you pick has to be comfortable and proportionate to the room’s dimensions.

Therefore, firstly, we have to decide the size. We recommend 

Single beds (90 X 190 cm) and double beds (140 X 200 cm), depending on the apartment’s layout and capacity.

Additionally, to enhance the guests’ comfort, we can add some cushions that complement the beds colours and tones.

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Another option to create cosy apartment rooms is to include rugs. Although they are not an essential feature, they do have many benefits, one of which is that they provide warmth and comfort. Moreover, depending on the design, they can make rooms feel more homely.

A curious fact that you may not know is that rugs reduce noise by absorbing external sounds, acting as a sound barrier between floors. Therefore, rugs can be useful in both small and large bedrooms, and you can place them under or beside the bed for more convenience. 

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Chairs and Benches

To make the most of every corner of the house, you can include a sofa or an armchair to create a reading corner, accompanied by a lamp. Alternatively, for smaller rooms, a good option is placing a bench at the end of the bed, taking up minimal space. It can serve as a place for guests to keep their belongings or rest comfortably.

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It is essential that guests have sufficient storage space for their belongings. Therefore, wardrobes should correctly fulfil their function. If space allows, we recommend wardrobes which have drawers. In case the room is small, it is recommended that you leave sufficient space for guests to store their belongings in another place, such as a closet in the hallway, entrance, or in a larger room.

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That concludes the guide to furnishing the bedrooms in your apartment. If you enjoyed this AB Apartment Barcelona article and found it useful, take a look at our blog on maximising space!

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